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Diving in Yasawa

Yasawa holds one of the best dive locations that you can explore. If you flatter yourself a dive, feel free to enquire with us and we will arrange your dive satisfactions accordingly.

As one of the past instructors once said...

"Diving around the Yasawas is something special. You can fall of the side of a boat almost anywhere in this area and be on top of a fantastic dive site."

Ready to explore another fantastic dive site

So Many Dive Sites To Choose From

With over 20 dive sites that are visited regularly (and countless others they don't have time for), there will be a dive to suit everyone. Form beginner to experienced, there is something to cater for everyone, including complete novices.

  • The Maze with its long deep channels and stunning swim throughs is covered in a beautiful selection of coral for all to admire.
  • The Zoo with twin coral walls and a huge drop-off has a wide mix of soft coral trees and Gregorian fans. Not to mention the large schools of bump head parrot fish and giant trevally.
  • Soft coral pinnacle located just 2 minutes from the marina of Coralview. This stunning pinnacle in 18m of water is accompanied by a beautiful steep wall just 30 kicks away from the pinnacle.

The Famous Shark Diving Experience

There are only a handful of places you can dive with sharks in Fiji, and Coralview is lucky enough to be one of them.

Up to eight species of shark, including bulls, black and white tips, and tawny nurse. Please enquire with us for an opportunity to try this amazing experience in the beautiful Yasawa waters.

Our dives are operated by Vertical Blue Dive shop based out of Blue Lagoon Beach Resort. You are welcome to enquire with the reception for your bookings

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